Friday, May 1, 2015

French Drink More Rose Than White

Did you know?

The French are now drinking more Rose than white wine. The dry Rose trend is increasing in other parts of the world as well, though in the good ole USA sweeter styles prevail.

France's most pale, delicate, ethereal Rose wines come from Provence, the country's oldest wine region. While coral was the color of most wines during Greek and Roman times, Provincia Romana, or today’s Provence, is still considered the rosé center of the world.

Situated on the Mediterranean coast between Aix en Provence and Nice, the area has nine appellations from coastal to warmer inland. Provence is the only French region with Cru Classe, or Grand Cru Rose wines. At 5.6% of the world's pink wine, or 165 million bottles, they are also the world's largest producer.

With alcohol levels averaging at about 13.5%, no noticeable oak, crisp acidity and inviting notes of strawberry, raspberry, licorice, white flowers and seashell, these are ideal for dishes such as Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho, Crawfish, or a rich and creamy dish of Provencal Seafood Cavatelli.

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