Monday, June 8, 2015

Victory for the Godfather of Paso Robles - Gary Eberle

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Former Penn State Linebacker Gary Eberle, fondly and accurately referred to as the Godfather of Paso Robles for his contributions to the wine industry there as well as his fundraising efforts on behalf of many local causes, youths in particular, is having a very, very good week.

Sixteen months ago, he and his wife Marcy found themselves in the line of scrimmage. Shortly after his brother Jim W. Giacobine, Jr. passed, his sister-in-law Jeanne Giacobine took over his namesake winery. The Giacobine’s held a 39% while the Eberle’s held only 35%. This was a collective blow to the local as well as global industry, as Gary Eberle is a well-recognized leader and innovator in the world of wine. How could this happen?

Fortunately Gary and Marcy were able to regain control of the winery, buying out Giacobine and other partners, retaining an 84% stake today. “We’re so happy. I can’t even tell you,” said Marcy. “We know now that no one can hurt us again. It was a very tough 16 months. This is my husband’s heart and his life and his soul, and the thought that it could be lost killed us for 16 months. Now that it’s back, we’re in a bit of shock. We’re elated, and we’re grateful with the partners who stayed with us.”

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