Wednesday, February 17, 2016

PLANET GRAPE WINE COURSE- Introduction to Wine

Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis
by Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis, aka grape goddess

Introduction to Wine
Welcome to the PLANET  GRAPE WINE COURSE. In this introductory section, we’ll learn about senses and how to put them to use right away with Sensual Experience exercises, what grapes make the best wine, the best place to grow grapes, basic geography of wine growing regions, how wine is made, the building blocks of wine, wine types, and about the major grape types, including how to pronounce them by repeating along with grape goddess. I’m so glad you’re here, so that I can arm you with the knowledge and self-confidence to waltz through the exciting, scintillating, delicious, and delightful world of wine.

grape goddess says:
The topic of wine may seem intimidating but it is first and foremost a sensual, not an intellectual pleasure.

What is a Wine Geek?
A wine geek is someone who prides themselves on their knowledge of irrelevant minutiae about wine, who talks and thinks instead of drinks, and who collects to possess, not to share with friends and family at the table. If someone talking about wine makes you feel warm and fuzzy, you’re in good company. If someone talking about wine turns you off, let me know and I’ll send out the Snob Squad.

 grape goddess says:
Avoid wine geeks at all costs. Wine is a pleasure for the senses, not a key to some private club for the chosen few.

Let’s Get it On
Wine is a highly personal experience. You may like something your neighbor hates, just like with food. Your bitter is the next person’s sweet. With wine, as with any subject matter, a little studying goes a long way. With wine, though, the big advantage is that you get to look at, smell, and taste the actual product, instead of just reading about it. Fire up your senses and prepare for lift-off to planet grape!
On turnpikes of wonder, wine leads the mind forth.

Mastering Wine
Mastering wine is as simple as looking to basic human interactions using commonsense and good manners. Yet so often when dealing with wine we are so paralyzed with fear we fail to listen to our basic instincts. We try to intellectualize, while the key to wine’s enjoyment is relaxing and using our senses.

Sensual Experience Exercise
Relax. Slow down. Turn off the cell-phone. Find a quiet space. Put a flower and a glass of wine in front of you. Take them both in with your eyes, enjoying their appearance, slowly. Then, close your eyes and smell the flower. Count to ten. Repeat with the wine. Very good. You may now sip the wine, but don’t bite the flower!
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